Bagels, Pastries, Etc

Large Pastries/Croissants
$3.95 - $23.70
Bagels, Croissants & Pastries

Our team has a fine selection of bagels, pastries & croissant that are served on trays and sure to be enjoyed by your group!

$3.50 - $4.70
Coffee Cakes
$13.95 - $134.95

Omelette Sandwiches

Omelet Sandwiches

Assorted Omelette Sandwiches (min 10)
1 Whole sandwich per person. 10 minimum. Available for orders delivered before 10 am.
(Min 10)
Boiled Eggs

 Boiled Eggs (Minimum of 6)

(Min 6)

Continental Breakfast - Group

Continental Breakfast for 8

Breakfast includes bagels, petite pastries, fruit or yogurt, coffee & orange juice

1 Order serves 8 people.
Continental Breakfast for 50

Big group? We have the perfect item for you! Enjoy:

    * Assorted bagels, cream cheese, jam & butter.

    * 3 Group Yogurt Parfaits or Group Fruit Bowls
    * Assorted petite Muffins, Filled petite Danish and Croissants
    * Choice of 1 large hot and 1 small hot beverage
    * 25 individual orange juices or water.

Item comes with everything needed to enjoy your meal!

Serves 50

Individual Continental Breakfast Boxes

Bagel and Cream Cheese Continental Breakfast Box
Bagel, cream cheese, yogurt, mixed fruit, and a granola bar.
Butter Croissant Continental Breakfast Box
Butter Croissant, yogurt, mixed fruit, and a granola bar.
Almond or Chocolate Croissant Continental Breakfast Box
Almond or Chocolate Croissant, yogurt, mixed fruit, and a granola bar.
Blueberry or Banana Muffin Continental Breakfast Box
Blueberry or Banana Muffin, yogurt, mixed fruit, and granola bar
Bear Claw Continental Breakfast Box
Bear Claw, fruit, yogurt, and granola bar
Pound Cake Snack Box
Serves 1


Small Coffee & Tea for 8

Our Coffee is sure to please your group! Coffee box comes with cups, stir sticks, creamers, sugar and sugar substitute. 

Large Coffee & Tea for 32-36

Le Boulanger is proud to serve our own unique blend of Organic coffee sourced from Chiapas Mexico and Chanchamayo Peru! Our organic coffee is sourced from farmers who are focused on sustainability and enrichment of their environment.


Fruit and Yogurt

Individual Fruit Cup

Individual Cup of Seasonal Fruits

Serves 1
Seasonal Fruit Bowl
1 Bowl serves up to 12 people.
Individual Yogurt Parfait

Individual Cup of Fresh cut strawberries, vanilla yogurt and premium granola.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Bar

Fresh cut strawberries, vanilla yogurt and premium granola.

1 Bar serves 12 people.


Superfood Oatmeal For 10

Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeal is a Vegan & Gluten Free! Oatmeal is comprise of 3 Superfood Grains -Oats,Quinoa,Amaranth.You can select from with Blueberry with Chia and Cinnamon or Cranberry with Almond & Flax! **Served as Individual Cups - with hot water provided.**Minimum of 10 cups per order

Serves 10 People

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