Continental Breakfast

Continental for 50

Big group? We have the perfect item for you! Enjoy:

    * Assorted bagels, cream cheese, jam & butter.
    * Assorted petite Muffins, Filled Danish and Croissants
    * Choice of 1 large hot and 1 small hot beverage
    * 25 individual orange juices or water.

Item comes with everything needed to enjoy your meal!

Serves 50
Continental Breakfast

Breakfast includes bagels, pastries, fruit or yogurt, coffee & oj.

1 Order serves 8 people.

Bagels, Pastries and More!

Bagels and Cream Cheese

Assorted bagels with cream cheese, jam and butter.

1 Bagel per person. 10 minimum.
(Min 10)
Cinnamon Rolls 6 Pack

Le Boulanger is proud to offer our hand crafted, made from scratch & freshly baked cinnamon rolls for your enjoyment! Served with our homemade cream cheese icing, these are sure to please your crowd!

Serves 6 Cinnamon Rolls
Pastry Assortment

Assortment of our petite pastries and muffins.

2 Items per person. 20 minimum.
(Min 10)
Pastries and Bagels
1 Pastry and 1/2 bagel per person. 10 minimum.
(Min 10)
Large Croissants
Coffee Cakes

Omelette Sandwiches

Omelet Sandwiches

Assorted Omelette Sandwiches

Select from the following list of our delicious omelettes:

   * Vegetable Medley- On Sourdough slices
    * Sausage & Egg- On Plain Bagel
    * Ham & Cheese- On Croissant
    * Bacon & Cheddar Sandwiches- On Plain Bagel
    * Florentine - On Sourdough slices

Omelettes are cut in 1/2 & served in a tray.

Served warms with napkins and plates.

These are intended for immediate consumption.

1 Whole sandwich per person. 10 minimum.
(Min 10)


Coffee & Tea for 8
Coffee & Tea for 32-36
Simply Juices

Fruit and Yogurt

Seasonal Fruit Bowl
1 Bowl serves up to 12 people.
Individual Fruit Cup
Serves 1
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Bar

Fresh cut strawberries, vanilla yogurt and premium granola.

1 Bar serves 12 people.
Individual Yogurt Parfait

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